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RNA Infotech Solutions is one of the leading and best software development company that focuses on offering top-rated software services. We usually follow a dedicated working process and that is the main objective of our company. We have vast experience in mobile development applications. We are a top-rated Lucknow based website development company providing solutions for corporate Website development , Digital marketing Agency in Lucknow Mobile app developmentecommerce website development and seo services. From wireframe to website, concept to solution, targets to reality, we are here to help. These are some of our most requested services:

Our team which consists of skilled professionals has a decade-long experience in custom mobile applications development .
Hence we have a proactive team who can dive into the business ecosystem, who give emphasis on exploring the market which therefore can help in understanding customers need, requirements and capabilities. To have a proper communication with our client is the foremost important moto, Who can build a truly custom strategy and unlock the complete potential of mobile technology for the company.

On behalf of your goals and expectations, we tailor and give the final shape to our application development services. 
We have the team that possesses the capability to design and develop technology that can definitely grow revenue. We deliver software and mobile apps, after performing software testing, carry out in-depth analyses and provide software development support and maintenance. 

Services :
Dynamic Website Development Agency in Lucknow
We develop fully fledged website that are user friendly . On tume delivery of business portals.

Mobile App Development :
We build cross-platform and intuitive mobile apps and follow design-driven development to help you attain business goals.
Build cross-platform apps for iOS and Android
Build Web Apps development with responsive designs

CRM Applications :
RNA Infotech CRM suite helps the purchaser to preserve the existing clients obtain new ones, as well, steer business development. This helps our clients to summarize and categorize the sales, marketing, relationship management and many more related activities. From the available various ranged product features it is totally based on the client to apply to his business based on preferences and requirements.

ERP software
Our specialized team deliver a made-to-order ERP suite that perfectly fits the desired requirement of any client within the stipulated time and budget. Having chosen the ERP tool would be considered to be as one of the choices as it keep together the core processes of a business, which encompass timetabling business rules, attaining customer orders, and preserving company records and financial data. A range of benefits is delivered by Integrating ERP software into the business process that include augmentation of all-inclusive performance and output.

To learn more about ERP Services, be in touch with us.

ERP Modules:

Sales Management

Purchase Management

Inventory Management

Finance and Accounting

Authentication management

Software Administration

Digital Marketing :
RNA Infotech Solution is also a digital marketing company which tends to offer Seo services(search engine optimization), Social Media Optimization(SMO), SEM known as as Google Ads, Email promoting. We offer promoting analytics and improvement services to improve the promotional performance. We therefore offer Best Digital Marketing Services that aims to reach the website with top rating.

Dedicated Development Team
We have a dedicated development team that focuses on developing the software/application within time and budget. 

Our team comprises of experienced software developers who works in different timezone.

We have :

Mobile App Developers
Web App Developers
Full Stack Developers
Backend Developers



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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

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  • Should I create a mobile or a web app?

    Both have their benefits and flaws. Mobile apps are surely more expensive but can provide you with many more data collecting, monetization capabilities than web applications.

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