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RNA Infotech is a leading mobile application development company  in India, building feature-packed and interactive applications for start-ups, medium and large enterprises. Our ingenious and intellection approach will deliver cost-effective app development solutions to turn your business into a leading enterprise.

When we compare us to other mobile app development companies - what makes us unique and stand out from the crowd is; We take every project and client approach as an opportunity to provide unique and next-gen solutions using futuristic technologies. At RNA Infotech, perfection is not just another attribute but also a way of denoting that we have become accustomed to it. When you work with us - We create your digital dreams come true in real vision.


Essential Stages of Mobile Application Development

 Phase 1- Researching
The important point that included under this phase of the mobile app development process is not to overlook your competitors, but by researching rigorously, getting the answers of these following basic questions:

Who is your targeted audience?

What will be the suitable platforms to launch your application?

What are your competitors offering to customers?

These are just a few questions from the list that you have to mind before owning a mobile Application.

Phase 2- Wireframing
Try to identify how your thought process will blend into a fully functional mobile application. Also, derive some guidelines or roadmap to demonstrate how a user will use and explore your app.

Phase 3- Evaluating Technical Utility
After having audio knowledge of visuals, it’s time to focus on the backend system. So, in this phase of the mobile app development process, we have to ensure whether the backend system would be capable of supporting the expected app’s functionality or not.

You have to understand that an app with different formats (smartphones or devices, tablets, etc.) and platforms (Android, iOS, Windows or any other) will not have the same demands. By the end of this stage, you would have various ideas for your application’s functionality.

Phase 4- Prototyping
Prototyping supports to determine whether you are going towards the right direction or not. It is totally intelligible that you cannot fully deliver the experience to let your users know about the functionality of your application without developing it completely.

Phase 5- Designing
UI/UX (User Interface/Experience) are the two essential components of your mobile app design. The designer is responsible for the look and feel of your application, whereas the latter facilitates the interaction among the design elements.

For designing a mobile application, time cannot be calculated as it may take only a couple of hours to a few weeks. 

Phase 6- Developing
In this stage, the development flourishes to the congested. The development phase is further divided into different sections, where the team or a developer writes a bunch of codes, which are then tested by another team.

Phase 7- Testing
It also controls the final price of the all development as it will require both money and efforts to fix a bug in an app, which occurred at the first stage, after you reach on fifth or more. Application testing involves various things; hence, we make sure that our development team covers every aspect of it.

Phase 8- Deploying the application
Your Application is ready to launch in the market. Select a day and release your mobile application at the desired platforms. Deploying the app is not the final stage.


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