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 RNA Infotech:- Solutions is fully fledged in providing their customers with IT Support services, since every business requires support for their technology. To ensure that technical issues are acknowledged and fixed instantly and effectively, An IT service desk or helpdesk support solution provides the business a single point of contact so that business can remain to operate. Generally, our IT Support and Helpdesk Services includes remote support, Response and turnaround times guaranteed by Service Level Agreements and expertise from senior specialists. 

Services :

Service and Support -Whenever a complex problem or issue arises and that's too appears to be difficult to solve remotely, So for a quick resolution, our technicians are sent to the desired location. 

We have a team of fully skilled and trained technicians who have years of experience pertaining to customer support and resolving issues. Our team is well prepared to tackle any of the problems related to your hardware, software or operating systems.

Maintenance and monitoring -
The monitoring and maintenance portion of our service is a remote IT service which includes 24/7 monitoring of all applications and performance parameters. This provides proactive IT support and managed IT Services that covers -

• Server and software updates

• Data backup service

• Anti-virus monitoring service and maintenance 

• Firewall monitoring service 

• Mobile device management. 

The personal responsibility for your network is under consideration. 

HelpDesk Support-
Our helpdesk support services follow all industry best practices which basically includes:

Problem tracking - Problem tracking is tracking and identifying the actual issue that has occurred. Our technicians identifies and tracks the issue generated very quickly. 

Root cause analysis- To fix the issue, it is foremost important to be aware of the root cause of the problem so that it can be fixed effectively and in time.

First-call resolution - Our technicians tends to go through the problem in the very first call from the customer and fixes it instantly. 


Business Efficiency
The use of IT support services gives output in higher levels of efficiency, which results in improvement of the business processes through the development of best practices.

Avoidance of Security Breaches
Due to increased cases of cyber crime these days, security is the main point that has to be in consideration. You can keep your organization safe by getting the IT support services by RNA Infotech solutions that will help your business to be aware of risks and threats that can occur as cyber crime. You'll be get updated by our technician team.

Better Management of Up-Time
With information technology services, a team of highly skilled and qualified professionals will perform the upgrades remotely. Up-time will be maintained, or even increased, with no additional overtime costs to business.




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