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RNA Infotech Solutions focuses on developing innovative and creative softwares, applications and services whose main objective is to provide total communication and information solutions and best of all technology. Our aim is to provide customers with best softwares and services that are developed and maintained by our expertise as we have the best Software Developers and offers various services, whether it is web design or development etc. The clients are satisfied by the work provided by us.

As a software development company, we tend to deliver custom software and mobile applications. We perform software testing, do proper analysis and also provide software development support and maintenance.

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Our Services - 
Website Development: 
We develop fully fledged website that are flexible and user friendly too . RNA Infotech Solution focuses on providing Best Website Development Service To Our Clients. We have teamof expertise and professionals who have a keen knowledge in developing software. 

Mobile App Development :
We design and build robust and reliable cross-platform and intuitive mobile applications , following design-driven development in order to attain business goals. We develop cross-platform applications for both iOS and Android .

CRM Applications :
RNA Infotech Solutions offer custom CRM solutions that assist businesses to grasp business growth. Our team efficiently deliver the best and highly valued solution.
Our CRM development procedure initiates by acknowledging the core requirements and needs and business contribution. 

This helps our clients to categorize the sales, marketing, relationship management and many more related activities. From the available various ranged product features it is totally based on the client to apply to his business based on preferences and requirements.

ERP Solutions: 
RNA Infotech Solutions develop ERP Software solutions for diverse industry verticals. 

Our specialized team deliver a made-to-order ERP suite that perfectly fits the desired requirement of any client within the stipulated time and budget. Having chosen the ERP tool would be considered to be as one of the choices as it keep together the core processes of a business, which encompass timetabling business rules, attaining customer orders, and preserving company records and financial data.

To learn more about ERP Services, be in touch with us.

ERP Modules:
Sales Management
Purchase Management
Inventory Management
Finance and Accounting
Authentication management
Software Administration

Best Quality code : While developing software, the code must be delivered on time, should be bug and error free and must be written clearly.
Trustful Communication : A trustful communication must be established, between developers and client, so that client is aware of the progress and challenges encountered .Agile Approach : RNA Infotech Solutions follow Agile approach since customer-centered approaches are great and liable for :

collaboration and communication with clients, minimizing costs and risks,
minimising time and maximising value delivered.
Full Stack Teams : RNA Infotech Solutions have highly skilled front-end and back-end developers.
User-friendly : The software developed by RNA Infotech Solutions are user-friendly as well as flexible in nature.



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