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RNA Infotech  is one of the best company in developing websites. Website Development is generally related to producing and maintaining websites. Being the best web development company , we also guarantee that our customers are not just satisfied or contented, but also are fully pleased with the web development services that we provide them. Our objective is to provide a comprehensive solution to our clients, which assists them in augmenting their business . A well-built and delightful website can help to establish your name as a renowned brand with latest technology. Development of website consists of various phases, that includes -

• Web Designing

• Coding, Programming

• Database Management

For the above phases, various languages and technologies are used. In general , Web Development is, working on the static and Dynamic Pages both for Designing Proper Websites. To let people aware of your products and services, Web Development is quite useful service for business to expand and explore knowledge of your Company and product via the internet. We have teamof expertise and professionals who have a keen knowledge in developing software. 


• UI (User Interface) Design.

• Mobile Responsive Website Development. 

• Website Design with SEO Friendly Features.

• Customized Designs as per Client's demand.

• Create banners for Ad campaigns.

Frontend Development
Front end development is performed using the latest industry trends and platforms like Angular, React , CSS, Bootstrap, HTML5 etc. Since this part of website is the part which is visible to user and with which user interacts. 

Backend Development
The platforms used for Backend development are latest that includes NodeJS, MYSQL, SQL Server. Backend development is a server-side process that associates various fragments of a site. 

CRM Application Development
RNA Infotech Solutions offer custom CRM solutions that assist businesses to grasp business growth. Our team efficiently deliver the best and highly valued solution.
Our CRM development procedure initiates by acknowledging the core requirements and needs and business contribution. 

This helps our clients to categorize the sales, marketing, relationship management and many more related activities. From the available various ranged product features it is totally based on the client to apply to his business based on preferences and requirements.

Features -
Fast Load Times
One of the main reason of leaving from website for a visitor is slow speed in loading of a website, we make sure that the site is loaded within 4 to 5 seconds since It affects your search engine ranking.

User Friendly 
The website developed should be easily accessible to users and should be user friendly so that it can be accessed efficiently. 

Mobile Compatibility 
The website should be responsive in nature for mobile devices. Since more number of people use their mobile phones to access the internet and websites.



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